Long Backup UPS

Luminous Inverter Delhi is company inverter dealer in Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon,Noida,Faridabad and Gaziabad along with inverter and car batteries at discounted price by www.luminousinverterdelhi.com/

Sine wave UPS

Luminous Inverter Delhi is company inverter dealer in Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon,Noida,Faridabad and Gaziabad along with inverter and car batteries at discounted price by www.luminousinverterdelhi.com

Tubular Battery

Luminous Inverter Delhi is company inverter dealer in Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon,Noida,Faridabad and Gaziabad along with inverter and car batteries at discounted price by www.luminousinverterdelhi.com

High Sine Wave UPS

Luminous Inverter Delhi is company inverter dealer in Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon,Noida,Faridabad and Gaziabad along with inverter and car batteries at discounted price by www.luminousinverterdelhi.com

Luminous Inverter and Battery

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Luminous Inverter - Good products better services

I've been using Luminous for any lengthy some time and think it is towards the an excellent brand for those power solutions. I used to be using other inverters of various brands earlier however they were not able to provide the guaranteed services. Someone had suggested me to test luminous and gave it a great Luminous Inverter . It's been a lot of many I've not seen any failure in delivery of services and the caliber of products through the brand.

Luminous Inverter

Luminous inverter  is doing a great job in picking out interesting products. Luminous pops up with interesting services and products that fit your budget and usage capacity from the users. Luminous inverter  may be the first brand to usher in the pure sine wave technology that has been making waves abroad.

We've got the technology is atmosphere friendly and involves trapping solar power and converts it into power. Luminous  has additionally introduced in an improvement towards the power industry and is just about the most reliable brand on the market. Luminous is soon likely to set up solar power panels in educational facilities around Africa which makes it the amount brand for those power saving solutions. Luminous Inverter  has gotten great appreciation and acknowledgment in the experts and also the heads within the field. Luminous believes in supplying twenty-four hours a day customer support for their clients. No call goes unanswered and that is are they all probably the most reliable brand.

Their customer service representatives are very well trained to handle problems from the customers and also the issues are registered in those days only. If there's a small problem then your representatives solve it immediately. The technicians have great deal of expertise with they and them have a very good understanding concerning the Luminous batteries and also the inverter. Luminous Inverter doesn't have a no questions requested insurance policy for battery substitute. They'll immediately change or switch the battery with no questions requested. Although, battery existence of Luminous is excellent and also the goods are highly reliable. The purpose of Luminous is to pay attention to fulfilling the help which were guaranteed towards the customer during the time of purchase. Luminous inverter continues to be broadly recognized and appreciated through the experts.

Like a general customer, I'm pleased with these products and also the services which are receiving through the brand. There are several intriguing and innovative products that will be launched on the market soon and they're already creating a buzz on the market..

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Buy Luminous On-Line UPS Systems Delhi NCR

The Luminous UPS provided by us are energy-efficient because it reduces electricity consumption and save important data & vital information during power cuts. According to advanced technology, our goods are presented to customers at state of the art prices. We provide a comprehensive selection of Line Interactive UPS Systems that's sourced from reliable vendors of the profession, who fabricate the systems in compliance with set industry norms. Because of our tie-ups with certified vendors, we could provide the good quality Luminous On-Line UPS Systems to the clients. According to leading edge technology, scalping strategies safeguard the sensitive equipment from primary lines failure, current fluctuations, blackouts along with other electrical disturbances.
Buy Online Luminous UPS Delhi NCR

Salient Features

•    No load shutdown
•    Pre-alarm audio & visual signals for battery low
•    Battery deep discharge protection
•    User-friendly
•    High frequency PWM technology
•    Fully microprocessor –controlled design
•    Wide input voltage range
•    Automatic bypass
•    Smart self-diagnosis function
•    Full time lightning and surge protection
•    UPS monitoring software

Monday, 17 October 2016

Affordable Luminous Higher 7.5 KVA Inverter

Luminous offers high capacity power support systems, such as the 7.5kVA luminous inverter, outfitted with most advanced technology and appropriate to operate every electrical appliance within your house and office.
Luminous Higher 7.5 KVA Inverter

Luminous is among the leading brands of inverter, offering advanced technology and top performance. Luminous inverter are reliable for efficient performance and sturdiness, meaning that you will get good bang for your buck.

Maintenance is really a main concern for that Luminous brand, even within India New Delhi. With wel-outfitted support centres across Delhi/NCR - Faridabad, Gurgoan etc - every Luminous inverter should be expected to help keep dealing with ten years and much more.

The product range has design framework which ensures total reliability and meets various stringent power applications. Its application areas vary from BPO's, call centres, multiplexes, departmental stores, banking, IT sector to hospitals, gas pumps, etc.

The Luminous 7.5kVA inverter operates on battery power bank of 10 units of 12V batteries. A perfect capacity may be the 200Ah/12V battery, unless of course only limited power autonomy is needed. Battery price is not incorporated in cost mentioned above, but it is simple to add the selection of batteries came from here or in the accessories tab in this article. You may also incorperate your battery rack.

And since it is important that the inverter is correctly installed, we advise you include our expert installation package, which you'll call to obtain information on. Having your inverter correctly installed will make sure your obtain the best performance from start and get rid of the risk connected with installation by untrained hands.

More Options that come with Luminous 7.5kVA Single Phase High Capacity Inverter

Friday, 14 October 2016

Why Luminous Inverter & Batteries Are Must- Buy For Your Home

Perhaps you are using inverter and battery for your home electricity backup needs and may be you are not at all satisfied with its performance, and so you want to change the brand with some other one which you can easily avail in the market. If you are thinking of inverter and battery, then Luminous  is one of the prime players which provide superior products at an affordable cost with reliability and durability among the users. Additionally, there are many other reasons behind buying Luminous power products.

Luminous Inverter And Battery

1. Quality products at low price:

Luminous always believes to supply quality products which people can avail at their preferable budget. The company works in a creative ambiance with many workplaces in order to make a product meet every guideline of quality. But it also keeps up the price of this generation to minimize the product's price for making it affordable for various class of people in our nation with the assurance of standard quality. You should always buy it from an authorized dealer who provides Luminous inverter and luminous inverter batteries with complete services provided to retail customers.

2. Long-lasting functionality & after sales services:

Power items of Luminous are designed to supply durable power backup at any cost and also save on your electricity bills. This brand is basically renowned for manufacturing UPS and inverters for various uses. Customers of home and workplaces also use this brand's inverter battery for the long time span. Additionally, if you find any problem with these products, you will get doorstep after sales services to fix the problem at affordable charges. This service is completely free if your product is under warranty period and Luminous also provides this service at the reasonable budget for after warranty product users.

3. Brand reliability in the market:

Although there are many competitors are available in the market, when you actually think to go with Luminous  products, you will find every product in accordance with your requirements, and it actually comes in different shapes, sizes, prices to maintain the demand of power as per the needs of the users. The company supplies products with creative components and hopefully, you will also find many more new products in future as per the technological development. Additionally, this type of technique has provided it some supports with acquiring reliability and validity with an improved image of the brand among the masses.

Thereby, these are the prime reasons why you should definitely but the Luminous inverter and batteries if you like to have constant power backup at the most minimal price.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Luminous Inverter Review- India's Most Reliable Inverter Brand

The inverter is definitely an digital camera which is made to convert the household power in to the alternating electric current. It had been brought to our country with a famous and leading inverter organization. The invention of the effective device ended to beat using the problem of frequent power cuts within our country. In the current time almost 75 % of individuals have this appliance in their home and offices in metro metropolitan areas. It is an essential household and company's digital camera, because it provides emergency electricity backup.
Luminous Inverter

Differing types and types of inverters can be found in the virtual in addition to real market. Its huge quantity is available for sale, that the very best appliance could be selected easily as reported by the need and budget of the buyer There are numerous types of inverters for home available on the market, which could satisfy the varied electricity needs by having an ease. The presence of inverter service centers also assists you to get this product fixed correctly and work easily in your house. Various kinds of inverters include modified shin wave, true shine wave, solar etc. When anybody is out to purchase it they consult with others as well as experiences online media to decide on the ideal inverter. After you have correct suggestions from people and studying the reviews concerning the inverter organizations, buyer can buy the best inverter.

With the aid of researching the market and Luminous inverter review, it's been discovered that most people are dependable for this brand. Cause of the prosperity of this brand is reasonable cost, variety, effective performance and existence from the products. Whenever people consider buying an inverter they like this brand mostly. The business also promises some advantageous services towards the buyer during the time of purchasing, that they fulfill brilliantly and try to meet the expectations of the clients or customers. A lot of people provide a favorable Luminous inverter review when compared with other inverter brands. You of the brand's inverter understand the services and products of the logo and authored those reviews around the online media. Nowadays through online media we will discover which product is the best for us and then we are able to even shop that certain product online too.

It's the leading inverter brand within our country which is also serving well to greater than 70 foreign countries using its services and products. This organization is working well on various new projects for that welfare of individuals. Soon they will launch solar-powered and wind powered inverters. They'll also launch storage devices for national customers. Who owns this brand always believes in developing new items for anyone by utilizing advanced technologies.

During your search different brands of inverters I discovered the reviews from customers and users help greatly. So, Luminous Inverter on several websites on the web implies that all the clients are 100% pleased with its services and products because there are only reviews that are positive I've discovered.

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Step-by-step Guide For Selecting The Best Inverter & Battery

Power cut is easily the most chanted sermon asia during the time of summer time and monsoon. Regrettably, these cruel blackouts constantly stamp on the lament, overlooking our happiness in tiny problems. Well, we ought to not lose our hope. We're presently residing in the age of inverter, the only real savior to supply continuous electricity during outages.

However, the primary challenge for all of us is choosing the proper Luminous inverter and battery which puts existence in it. So, here in the following paragraphs, you'll find a simple 3-step instruction for getting the very best inverter for home and inverter battery to satisfy your power needs.

1. Recognize your power needs:

Do not get confused through the word 'recognize'. No brain surgery can there be incorporated inside it. The only real list lower the tools you need to operate on inverter power. Suppose, you need to connect 2 CFLs (40 watts), 1 fan (70 watts) and a pair of tube lights (60 watts). Within this situation, every one of your power need is going to be: 40   70   60 = 170 watts.

2. Look at your product's Veterans administration rating:

Presently, the next thing is to buy an inverter with relevant Veterans administration (Volt-Ampere) rating. Veterans administration means the present and current delivered through the inverter towards the equipment. So, how will you figure out how much Veterans administration would satisfy our electricity need? This may be described better with an equation below viz, complete power need's ratio through the apparatus towards the inverter's power factor.

Veterans administration = Power factor / Power requirement

Power factor is none however the power's ratio required by devices towards the electricity delivered through the inverter. This device's average power factor is either .7 or .8.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Microtek Inverter Luminous Inverter Sukam Inverter Which to select

What's an inverter and so why do individuals need one? An inverter is really a device whose primary function would be to convert household power (Electricity) current which is made by converting the present from pv cells to AC current or alternating electric current current. The inverters existing on the market nowadays have efficiencies that are more than 90 percent. Should you require AC current within your house then you will notice that inverters are very economical. There are lots of brands of inverters available on the market, for example, Sukam inverter, Microtek inverter to mention a couple of.

Luminous Inverter

When you're selecting your inverter you'll have to choose after picking out the use of the inverter. You may either pick the grid-tie application luminous inverter or even the off grid use of the inverter. What exactly ought to be the size your PV system? This can be a question which most people ask. How big the inverter should match how big a person's PV power system or appliance which really wants to power with the aid of the inverter. So with respect to the size your power appliance or even the power system you are able to go on and choose which inverter could be fit for your requirements. For example, for those who have a 2500W PV system then you need to obtain a 3000W inverter if you wish to be safe and sound.

However, what in the event you do whenever you feel that you'll require an inverter for many specific needs like powering a specific appliance however you do not know the ability rating? It's not necessary to worry since you can always employ an equation and calculate the quantity of watts needed for those who have information like the amperage from the appliance. To do this, you will have to multiply the amperes with 120V and you'll obtain the needed quantity of watts after which accordingly you can buy the needed inverter. This process is very effective also it helps one calculate the quantity of energy that your inverter must have.

People generally purchase luminous inverter , because they would like to possess a backup power whenever there's an electric outage and they have to concentrate on a standby home generator or perhaps an inverter. An inverter is very helpful and it's available in handy when there's an electrical outage and in this manner there will not be complete darkness whenever the facility is not there. Portability is really a factor which you should think about when you plan to obtain a power .Obviously, if you're investing in a small inverter then it will likely be portable otherwise for big wattage models it wouldn't be that simple to remove it thinking about its big size.

In situation you are wanting to buy a unit with regards to utilizing it on the highway then acquire one whose dimensions are right and whose power is enough with regards to supplying capacity to whatever appliances you want to use with the aid of the Microtek inverter .

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Buy Online Luminous UPS in Delhi NCR

The Luminous UPS supplied by us are energy-efficient since it reduces electricity consumption and save important data & vital information during power cuts. Based on advanced technology, our merchandise is given to customers at condition from the art prices. We offer an extensive choice of Line Interactive UPS Systems that's sourced from reliable vendors of the marketplace, who fabricate the systems in compliance with set industry norms. Due to our tie-ups with certified vendors, we're able to supply the top quality Luminous On-Line UPS Systems towards the clients. Based on innovative technology, scalping systems safeguard the sensitive equipment from primary lines failure, current fluctuations, blackouts as well as other electrical disturbances.
Luminous On-Line UPS Systems

Salient Features

•    No load shutdown

•    Pre-alarm audio & visual signals for battery low

•    Battery deep discharge protection

•    User-friendly

•    High frequency PWM technology

•    Fully micro-processor -controlled design

•    Wide input current range

•    Automatic bypass

•    Smart self-diagnosis function

•    Full-time lightning and surge protection

•    UPS monitoring software

Monday, 3 October 2016

Couple of Things to Know When Purchasing Battery Online

As everyone knows that batteries have a huge role to participate in the functioning of the vehicle, it's needed a vehicle battery inside a good condition. It's due to the fact that it'll save your valuable vehicle getting stuck in the center of your drive and can help you against the irritation of regular maintenance and testing. When purchasing for  battery online from the brand, you need to bear in mind several tips that may help you find the best battery. Here are a few of those tips:

Consider the advantages of your automobile: There are numerous sizes of batteries and each vehicle need a defined size battery. It thus becomes vital that you recognize how big of battery is appropriate for the vehicle.

Don't buy used batteries: Frequently use used batteries seeing the low cost of individuals batteries. But you should observe that you should use best battery in order that it doesn't hamper the functioning of the vehicle.

Cost: Compare the costs of numerous battery brands and then suggest you making your decision. For instance, Luminous battery cost is extremely affordable using the commitment of quality.

Go for top quality charger: Battery power charger frequently has a huge role to experience. It will help to watch battery and therefore enables results inside a proper condition.

Consider weather conditions: Different batteries operate in different weather conditions. There are many batteries that perform within an excellent manner in extreme cold temperature. Therefore it becomes vital that you bear in mind the weather condition to permit battery to operate in the perfect manner.

There are many brands which have show up previously couple of years, making certain best batteries in a cost that's highly affordable. Luminous is a such brand which has acquired great status among its customers. With regards to evaluating Luminous inverter cost regarding other brands, it's least expensive of without any compromise on the caliber of its product. Further, with regards to but inverter online, the Luminous battery offer best schemes to the customers.

So before finalizing your vehicle battery the next time, compare these products and it is prices inside a couple of easy steps. Benefit from the lengthy terms benefits no hassle while driving and easy maintenance.