Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Luminous Cruze UPS Sine Wave 675VA Inverter

Luminous Sine wave inverter is the perfect UPS systems for your home. These UPS system have the user friendly features and come with sophisticated design. The Cruze UPS Sine wave 675VA Inverter has the unique features. It is exclusively designed with the micro controller feature and it comes with the selectable battery option. The inverter incorporates software that enables pre-loaded battery management. It comes with quick battery charges. This inverter can operate a PC for about 8 hrs. The inverter’s regulated battery charging varies from 120V to 300V. It has advanced digital display and comes with auto re-set feature.
The inverter also has audio alarms that alert when battery is low, or in mains fail and more. It also provides phase reversal protection. The inverter’s ultra-fast circuit protection protects the battery and inverter during circuit breakouts. It also comes with DC over voltage protection feature. Battery of the inverter comes with reverse polarity protection. One of the exclusive features if this inverter is that the battery has the deep discharge protection and it comes with two times reset options. The automatic holiday mode of the inverter can preserve the battery charge. The regulated UPS mode of the inverter provides the regulated output voltage. Instead of fuse the inverter utilises miniature circuit breaker for short circuit protection and overload. The fine quality power output from the pure sine wave UPS helps to maintain proper power supply. This inverter will support all the household equipments. This sine wave inverter offers the powerful performance and it comes with the exclusive features.

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