Monday, 8 January 2018

Buy Luminous Flat Plate Battery Delhi NCR

We're Luminous Inverter Delhi to obtain high­ grade quality Luminous Flat Plate Battery that's effective for power storage benefit. This branded battery includes flat plates along with other electrical components that ensure good storage of power correctly. The additional thick plates of the battery comprise corrosion resistant material that provides lengthy lasting services for several years. It connects easily and provides optimum performance for a lot of hrs. This battery includes top quality alloy material that ensures less lack of water and electrolyte. Overall, we make certain this Luminous battery give optimum service together with higher level of reliability to keep electricity with no flaw.

Luminous Flat Plate Battery

 Good efficiency
• High power storage strength
• Tubular plates
• Highly functional
• Easy to connect & use
• No power leakage
• Deep discharge protection


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