Friday, 27 December 2013

Luminous On-Line UPS Systems

Being one of the leaders in innovation, design sensibility and sales distribution network, we are offering Power Back Up Solutions and Power Back Up System that includes Power Digital Inverters, Online UPS Systems, Line Interactive UPS Systems, Inverter Batteries (Lead Acid and VRLA).

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  • Double conversion online topology
  • High frequency PWM technology
  • Fully microprocessor –controlled design
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Near unity input power factor
  • Automatic bypass
  • Smart self diagnosis function
  • Full time lightning and surge protection
  • UPS monitoring software
  • SNMP Adaptor for network management (optional) inverter dealers in delhi-ncr
Online UPS Systems
Model 1K 1K-X    2K    I       2K-X    2K    I       2K-X neo60
  Capacity 1KVA (700W) 2KVA (1400W) 3KVA (2100W) 6KVA (4200W)
  Rated Voltage  230V AC , Single Phase
  Voltage Range 160V-300V 160V to 270V 176-276V
  Frequency 40-60HZ settable 50Hz+/-8% is default setting 
  Power Factor >/= 0.95 >/= 0.98
  Voltage 220 / 230V/230V +/-2% 1 Phase 220 / 230V/230V +/-1% 1 Phase
  Frequency 50+/- 0.2Hz 
  Overload 105 to 150% after 30sec change to by pass & >150% direct shutdown. In case the bypass current is more than Circuit breaker rating it will trip 105 to 130% for 10 min. & for > 130% load transfer to bypass after 1sec and shutdown bypass after 1 min
  Transient Voltage Regulation <5%
  Total Harmonic Distortion with linear load <3% <4% <2%
  Crest Factor 3:1
  DC Bus Voltage Vdc 36 96 240
  DC Ripple
  Charger Current External Battery 1 Amp 8/4 Amp 1 Amp                   I 1 Amp                    I 4.2/2.8/1.4Amp
  Internal Battery( in case high rating chatger is not used) 3x7AH 8x7ah                    I 8x7ah                    I
  Operating  Temperature Range 0deg.C to 40deg.C
  Relative Humidity 95% non condensing
  Acoustic Noise 45-55 db at 1.5Mtr. Distance
  Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 145X400X220 192X462X340 260X570X717
  Weight without Batteries (Kg) 13 7    32       I       33                   I       37


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