Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Affordable Luminous UPS Sine Wave 850VA Inverter 2016

Luminous UPS and inverters are especially designed to offer comfortable and hassle free life. Their flawless functioning, exceptional design and powerful performance are due to rigorous development and research and many innovative technology being used in the manufacturing process. Luminous UPS Sine Wave 850VA Inverter systems have been developed specifically to supply safety to the sensitive and end equipment and secure them during irregular power situations. To add this 24/7 service support & smallest amount of maintenance makes these offering a value for money proposition.
Luminous UPS Sine Wave 850VA Inverter

-Zero change-over time (during power outage)
-No humming noise from Inverter in addition to from devices linked to it
-Smart Charge plus Technology for faster charging and longer battery life.


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