Saturday, 2 July 2016

Luminous UPS Online Shopping

Luminous On-Line UPS Systems from Luminous are made to save your valuable sensitive equipment from main lines failure, voltage fluctuations, blackouts along with other electrical disturbances. Luminous Online UPS not just provides data security but additionally saves your hardware from getting broken, thus promising smooth work hours. The online UPS is ideal for an atmosphere where electrical isolation is essential or for equipment that is very sensitive to power fluctuation. The online UPS system is necessary when the power environment is “noisy” such as industrial settings; for bigger equipment loads like data centres, or when operation from an extended run back up generator is essential. Luminous Online UPS

Luminous Online UPS

    *Double conversion online topology
    *High frequency PWM technology
    *Fully microprocessor -controlled design
    *Wide input voltage range
    *Near unity input power factor
    *Automatic bypass
    *Smart self diagnosis function
    *Full time lightning and surge protection
    *UPS monitoring software
    *SNMP Adaptor for network management (optional)


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